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The Debt Note in Prophecy

This is a pocket sized booklet, a 33-page study of the implications of Jesus' parable in Matthew 21:33-45 in the light of Biblical history.

Category - Pocket-Sized Book

Chapter 8

Thy Kingdom Come

We showed earlier that the Babylonian succession of empires was each given the Debt Note in turn to see who, if any, would bring forth the fruits of the Kingdom. As we showed, they all failed. Ultimately, the "fruit" God requires is the birthing of the Manchild, which is the perfect man in the Image of God.

Jesus was the original Manchild, the Pattern Son for the rest of the Sons of God. There is only one way to bring forth the Sons of God. It is through the three main steps that are set forth in the three main feast days of Israel: Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles.

For a person to keep Passover, it is not required that he kill a lamb and put blood on the door post, as was the case under Moses. God's requirement is that he be justified by faith in the blood of the true Lamb (Jesus). For a person to keep Pentecost, it is no longer required that he give God two loaves of bread. Instead, since Acts 2, Pentecost is experienced by being filled with the Spirit--that is, filled to one's capacity. Unfortunately, however, our capacity under Pentecost is only able to hold an “earnest of the Spirit” (2 Cor. 5:5; Eph. 1:14).

The final feast is Tabernacles, or the feast of Booths. Under this feast, one is filled with all the fullness of God (Eph. 3:19). To keep Tabernacles, one no longer needs to leave one's house and build a booth made of tree branches. Instead, one must leave the “earthly house of this tabernacle” (2 Cor. 5:1) and come into a glorified body, the tabernacle that is “a house not made with hands.” When we receive that tabernacle, it will be the immortal body (2 Cor. 5:4), pictured under Moses as a booth made of living branches.

This is what God has desired from the beginning. But up to now, none of the nations being given that divine mandate (“Debt Note”) have presented to God what He desires and demands. All have failed, beginning with Israel under the Passover anointing. Their failure, of course, resulted in the ruling from the Divine Court to give the Debt Note to other nation in the great succession of empires.

But the failure also includes the Church under its Pentecostal anointing. It was doomed to failure, simply because it was a leavened feast (Lev. 23:17) and therefore corruptible. The Church of Rome was the iron portion of the feet of Daniel's image. The clay portion of the feet are the Islamic nations who were also given control over Jerusalem throughout the past centuries. Like the Roman Church, Islam has not brought forth anyone in the Image of God.

The Babylonian succession of empires actually ended in 1948, which was the end of 8 x 414 years from Israel's first captivity to the king of Mesopotamia (Judges 3:8-10). See FFI #212 dated March 2006. The year 1948 would have been the end of the long night of Babylonian domination--except for one more “loose end” that God had to resolve. It was the matter of Esau's claim on the birthright.

Thus, in 1948 the Israeli state came into being, an appendage on Babylonian history, to allow Esau to receive the birthright and the Debt Note. They, too, had to be given time to prove themselves a failure, like all the other nations before them.

But then in 1993, the Age of Pentecost ended after 40 Jubilees of history. (See my book, The Wheat and Asses of Pentecost.) This was the final end of the iron feet of Nebuchadnezzar's image, and it coincided with the end of the 46 years allotted to the Israeli state to build their “Herod's temple.” The year 1993 was a very important turning point--the beginning of the end of Babylon, and the earliest beginning of the reign of the overcomers.

The time of the Overcomers had arrived at last, and God began to move in a new way to take the Kingdom and its Debt Note from the Israeli state and give it to the nation who would indeed bring forth the fruits thereof (Matt. 21:43).

However, we have seen that there was a 7 1/2 year transition of authority before the overcomers could actually begin to exercise full Kingdom authority. This moment arrived on Nov. 30, 2000. At that point, the seven bowls began to be poured out upon the feet of the entire Babylonian system. In some way this correlates with the stone hitting the feet of the image (Dan. 2:34). We may yet see the effects of this within a year of the seventh bowl (Oct. 2006-2007).

I know, of course, that all other religions and all other nations disagree with my analysis. They each think that they are divinely called to bring righteousness into the earth. Each of them believes that its own way, religion, or nation is in some way, the true Kingdom of God.

All I can say is that time will prove all things. When the true Sons of God are manifested in the world, it will be hard to argue against the plain facts. But the world has nothing to fear from them, because the overcomers are not given to violence or force. They will be full of the love of God and will come, not as rulers, but as servants, even as Jesus came to serve rather than to be served. They will be like Jesus, not like Barabbas. Jesus came to heal the people, not to put them into bondage.

The Messiah of the overcomers will not come as a great General. He will not come with a sword to kill all who oppose Him. His sword will be the “Word of His mouth,” which will kill only men's carnality and ignorance--not their bodies. It is the Sword of the Spirit, which divides soul and spirit, rather than separating a man's head from his body.

God has chosen a few from every nation to be overcomers, so that all nations are represented in this group (Rev. 5:9). God will use these as the first fruits of a great harvest until Rev. 5:13 is fulfilled:

13 And every created thing which is in heaven and on the earth and under the earth and on the sea, and all things in them, I heard saying, "To Him who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb, be blessing and honor and glory and dominion for the ages of the ages."

This is the restoration of all things that the prophets and apostles taught all through the Scriptures. Amen.