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  1. Randy Patterson 11/07/2019
    Dear Dr. Jones,

    I had written to you about a year ago, I'm from northeastern Arkansas, about how I was enjoying some of your books. I'm 63 and have been studying Scripture since my late 20s.

    I grew up in an Arminian baptist church and the Atonement of Christ was one of the things I struggled with. Believing that Christ died for everyone but His Atonement only applied to those that believed seemed to me to make the Atonement very ineffective. Then there was a point in my life where I changed my 'filter' to Calvinism. The view that Christ came to atone for the sins of those that "the Father had given to the Son" seemed to fit scripture more accurately to me. But there were still many passages that didn't fit either 'filter'. Like 1 John 2:2, "He is the propitiation for our sins, and not for ours only but also for the sins of the whole world." It's hard to try to stuff that passage through a filter.

    I came across you work a couple years ago when starting a personal study on the book of Revelation. I already knew that the book could not be properly understood without the foundation of Daniel coming first. You had commentaries on both. I start reading you Daniel commentary and realized that you and I were not on the same page. But you had everything so tied to scripture that I couldn't disagree with what you were stating. I had to stop reading Daniel and begin with some of your other works which then lead to reading your book on Deuteronomy. Slowly, like the scales falling from Paul's eyes, the filters begin to fall from my own. I know see God's work of Restoration leaping from the pages of Scripture. I'm now like a kid with a new toy in my study of Word, free to let Scripture speak as the Holy Spirit enlightens.

    I have now finished both the Daniel and Revelation and started Secrets of Time. Thanks so much for your work and I pray that God continues to greatly bless your ministry.

    Randy Patterson
  2. Jamie S. (Vienna, Austria) 10/01/2018
    I wanted to share a testimony of finding your site and the added glory and love I find myself having of Jesus and our unbelievable Father in heaven.

    Some 5 years ago God began taking me on a journey of breaking down the filters of Gods word that mans traditions had built up. One by one, the filters came off. In fact, it is funny to say it but the Seventh Day Adventists in their excellent writings at least on the historic elements had a lot to do with it. Though, it was clear from the start they are to be avoided as a whole. In any case, I recall the hardest filter that came down was ultimately the source of dispensationalism today. The filter of Daniels 70 Weeks Prophecy.

    When that filter came down, I actually experienced such a shock I had back spasms for a week and pain from it. My entire world view and ultimately view of Jesus's return shifted. Then of course, God took me on a three year journey of studying the topic of hell. That went in stages from Stage 1. Hell is eternal. Stage 2. Hell is eternal destruction. Stage 3. Finally, universal reconciliation.

    When I came to this point my love for God became truly unconditional as I saw how truly merciful He is to us and that when He says He is love, He really is!

    Well, also during that time I learned a lot about the nation state of Israel today. I learned all about most of what you write. But on this topic, all I could do was come to a point throwing my hands up in the air and saying "I don't know God, I just don't know?" I actually then never found your website at all which is strange as I scoured the internet for answers. In the end, I was released to leave it at that and just kept a distance. Not supporting Israel but not really knowing what is true.

    NOW, 1 month ago God started stirring in me the feeling like I really believe there is a deception about Israel today.....BUT yet, I also feel God is using them. So what is this? What is the answer???

    Then, I for the first time came across your books. I knew instantly, God had brought me to the answer. That the answer is all in the birthright. That we have been deceived, YET, God is also doing something with the nation. I wanted to say, I think it was also God that held back your website from me till this day, because what you speak about is Gods Kingdom and the laws and I tell you, the more I read the more in AWE I am of our God and His love, mercy, grace and order. So amazing.

    So I wanted to just share this with you and say, keep up the good work.

    Now, also a strange note to this. I shared your website with one man I know in the US (I am in Vienna, Austria). His response was immediately.....satan is using this website to deceive people. And while I know, this man holds to the view of dispensationalism and Daniels 70 weeks is still to finalise at some point in the future with some anti-christ standing in a third temple. I've always given him the benefit of the doubt in other area of his belief and what he says God is showing him. But it was honestly extremely strange how this man was saying God was showing him the truth about Israel, but then without even review simply stating reading scriptures helps you to know the lies of the devil.

    Well, in all my experience the ones that truly know the lies of the devil are not the ones that study scripture ONLY. But are the ones that study history and scripture together. These people are the ones that actually, know the lies the devil uses as history reveals the source of most of those deceptions.

    So to close, for me I know God led me to your site. I know God is showing you deep things and the ministry team you work with also look at history along with the word. And that is a truly beautiful thing.

    I bless you and pray the best in the days ahead and if you ever end up in Austria. I would love to meet!
  3. Nate 09/24/2018
    I've been a faithful reader of your site for a few years. I hesitate to say I heard the gospel before reading "Creations Jubilee", even though I was raised in the church.
    I'm in love with God and the person He is raising up (me).
    Praise be to the Lord!
  4. Martha Bautze 05/09/2018
    I stumbled upon GKM in November 2017 after weeks of studying Revelation, in a desperate search and attempt to understand why The "Rapture" had not happened yet (which I suspected was bogus teaching). Your site was living water and manna to a thirsty, hungry soul. I tread lightly at first with reservation, trusting the Holy Spirit to guide me into all truth but I received only confirmation (James 3:17) and so continued to read more avidly. Absolutely ravenous, I gleaned book after (FREE) book, devouring teaching as if I hadn't eaten in years. Years of questions and confusing Bible verses were clarified repeatedly (with JOY) as the Bible and God's ultimate Plan were unveiled to me.

    I have not been this excited about my walk with the Lord since I was first saved and later when I was baptized in the Holy Spirit 36 years ago. Now, after 6 months of focused full time study I can finally slow down and chew the bread of life and savour it. Thank you for being there for me when I so desperately needed understanding. My GKM assisted Bible Study is the centre and essence of my day, my life purpose right now.

    Thank you for setting things straight for this longing, hungry, desperate soul for Truth about the End Times, especially in context to His great and Wonderful Plan. From one who was taught it was "finished" at born-again and ended with the "rapture" to sing in heaven while all who were not "for Christ" burned eternally in Hell, I am eternally grateful!
  5. Brenda Rydberg Dassel, Minnesota 12/13/2017
    Since March 1 of this year, I have been devouring the books written by Dr. Jones. I am thankful beyond words for your writings, Dr. Jones. My husband and I have also been privileged to attend the Passover and the Tabernacles conferences of 2017. Our son also has attended some of the conferences with us.

    I have known the Lord since 1975. I began falling passionately in love with Him on September 5, 2012 and I keep on falling. The spring of 2016 our chiropractor and friend, Chad, introduced my husband and me to courtroom praying (a seedbed to later sprout unto deeper understandings). To make a long story short, the Father used Chad to open our eyes to "restoration of all things". Within three days of contemplation, my life flipped upside down as I now could see the "Law of Jubilee" which opened my blind eyes to "the restoration of all things". My God became BIGGER real fast as I could now see in His Law that He is faithful to Himself.

    This morning as I meditated on the Word, He gave me deeper understanding into Psalm 23. Understanding I would not have heard previously. ... Is not Psalm 23:4 (...though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil...) about fearing not the death of self as He leads us to the paths of righteousness in the previous verse? Is not His rod and staff a comfort when we have the understanding that the rod administers correction while the staff draws us nigh nigh unto Him all for the purpose of our restoration to the conformity to His image?

    Goose bumps! This excites me. Thank you Father.

    Thank you for "listening"!

    Think on These Things
    Brenda Rydberg
  6. Michael J. Bucella 11/11/2016
    Chapter 14 of LIGHT from the CRACK is a tour de force. Dr. Jones pen has come alive and caught fire. Inspiring and rejuvenating.

    It is very interesting that the journey of Anava , his wife and their companions took 24 chapters to complete. I highly recommend Dr. Jones' book ,The Biblical Meaning of Numbers to see the significance of the number 24 and it's relationship to priesthood and how we , like Anava are slowly but surely being prepared to be the priests and kings who will eventually reveal the true face of Christ to a world in darkness. Let there be LIGHT !

    On January 16th , 2013 , I endured the first of 8 surgeries related to cancer and Crohns disease. The cancer returned 4 times but after my final surgery on November 11th , 2014 ( and I am a veteran ) I am cancer - free , celebrating my 2 year anniversary today , Veterans Day. It was during this trying time that our Great King brought Dr. Stephen Jones into my life , by way of his teachings and I attribute my healing to the words he has written and the example he has set by a life of seeking the face of our merciful Creator. To be sure , Jesus did the healing while Dr. Jones did the heavy lifting. I hope to be able to share what I am still learning about God's plan for us and join you and Dr. Jones in proclaiming the Good News of the Kingdom to all nations.
  7. Amrit 09/30/2016
    Greeting Dr. Jones,

    I have been a regular follower of your weblogs for several years and perhaps you may even remember a few communication from me. I am Amrit from India. Your latest series 'Light from the crack' brought an explosion inside of me.

    Baring a few paragraphs - you shared my story both in the introduction as well as in Chapter 1.

    I too have several unfinished writing projects and currently am on one of them. I hope I can finish it this time around.

    But your experience in the cave was; baring for some details was as though it was my narration.

    You can be sure I will be engrossed with your everyday weblog you post on this subject.

    God bless you and your work.
  8. Ben 09/30/2016
    Dear Dr. Jones,

    And some further encouragement, if I may.

    Reading your Light from the Crack really resonates within me. As well, it is extremely encouraging to me, especially at this time when I have been seeking answers to some puzzles.

    I know that what you are writing goes beyond obedience and stems from complete agreement with our Father and His will. This is what I desire for myself and I believe it is happening... though not as fast as I could wish.

    In the perfect love of Jesus,
  9. Bonnie 09/30/2016
    Dearest Brother,

    To say that I am enjoying The Light From the Crack would be an understatement. This newest writing of yours seems to encompass the heart's desire of a journey that I feel many of us have been on and are still on.

    I look at my personal journey, my prayers, my conversations with FATHER, the longings of my heart, my cries, my praise, my daily rituals to climb higher and deeper into an intimacy with my GOD, my Redeemer, my Creator, my Love, my Burning Passion, my Praise....they are all here in this wonderful and anointed writing.

    I have spent so much time on dividing the spirit and the soul and endeavoring to embrace each, as Father created them; to understand them, but my desire is to breakthrough the gates of heaven and travel between the realms of heaven and earth, according to His Perfect Will and I confess that this has been a daily prayer for some time.

    I weep at this writing and they are tears of joy and of excitement as the deep meanings lead to new ponderings. I do realize that this is a work of fiction, but it stirs deep in my spirit.

    Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and may HIS Anointing be upon you as you continue this series.
    Just wanted to share and hopefully encourage you.

  10. Carol 09/30/2016
    The fact that you are finally writing your "novel" is incredibly interesting and hopeful to me. I LOVE it!!!!!!!!! The tone is perfect! God is so vastly amazing!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe someday there's hope for me, too….

    Thank you for Revelation(s)! I am blest beyond blest by your writings and I praise God for you. Be encouraged, Brother, to keep going in your new "revelation(s)."

    As I read chapter one of your new book, I, too, had shivers. I spend a lot of time being awake at night. Father has a way of "calling" me up (a "phone" actually rings me out of sleep), so I say, "Good morning, Dear. Here I am." I've gotten in the habit of climbing out of bed, going to sit in my rocker, and making myself quiet so I can just "be" with Him and hear what He has to say to me.

    Last night I went to sit and keep Him company and He reminded me: "I have called you and ordained you to bear fruit." Only, this time He said, "MUCH Fruit."

    You new story is wonderful! I can hardly wait for chapter two.