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We know you will enjoy and be greatly helped by all that you will find within the many thousands of pages that make up this site. Within these pages you will discover the awesome truth about God, our Father, His Word, His Plan for the ages, and His Creation through His Son, that you most likely have not heard else where. We invite you to take your time and soak in all the substance representing the life's work and living testimony of Jesus Christ through Dr. Stephen Jones that is freely offered here. We hope and pray you will be blessed and helped in your life by all you find here.

You can find everything you are looking for by using the Main Menu across the top of the page throughout the site. All buttons are live and clickable and will take you to a particular section of the site. For instance if you are looking for the Daily Blog Post you only have to click on the menu item "DAILY WEBLOGS" to be taken to that page. Please note that we have a full blog archive view, which displays ALL blog posts that have ever been made; the page load is quite a bit longer than the Daily Weblogs page. If you are worried about page load speed, we suggest visiting an individual year (located under the Daily Weblogs header item), which will have a significantly faster page load speed. You can see the list of all available years on the Blog Archive page.

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GKM Has Moved

Feb 01, 2020
Category: Announcements

For anybody that has not yet heard, we have officially moved to https://godskingdom.org. Dr. Jones will no longer be posting bl…
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As of April 9, 2019, we have officially ceased posting news in the Site News section.

We are keeping old news posts in the Site News section for archiving purposes, but in the future anything we post related to site news will be posted in the Daily WebLogs section.