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Light From the Crack

A man named Anava discovers a light in a cave that he is exploring, and has an encounter with the Creator. The revelation he receives sends him on a mission to bring light to others. This is a novel designed to teach biblical principles.

Category - Biblical Novels

Chapter 5

The Second Rainbow

“I see the blood!” the Voice from above shouted. 71 “The passage has been paid! Hereafter, I will draw all men unto Me!” 72

The passage from the lower world to the upper was not unlike what I had experienced the previous day, when I passed through the Gate of Death and Life into Eden. Joshua and I both changed, for our lower-vibration bodies could not pass through the barrier into that higher realm. Our consciousness, however, penetrated it easily, and as we arose, our bodies of light separated from our bodies of death, leaving us clothed in brilliant white garments. 73

The lower world seemed to step away from us, fading slightly, appearing more as a background to the new and living reality that now pulsed in us and around us. We knew instinctively that we were now naked to the earth, but fully clothed with a heavenly garment called The Word of God. Looking down, I saw that my garment was soiled—no, adorned, as it were, with a badge of honor by the blood of the lamb.

I looked at Joshua and saw that his robe, too, was smeared with the same blood, for both of us had carried the same slain lamb. He looked back at me and spoke slowly and profoundly, “We are one lamb, you and me together. Our name is arnion.” 74

The bloodstains, I knew, had been indelibly imprinted upon these garments by the wind and fire that had carried the balloon high from earth to sky. The transformative journey had brought us both to a place where we were able to penetrate the heavenly barrier and to view all things with no veils of flesh to diminish the light or to hide the naked truth.

The second rainbow’s violet light thrust out its hands, embracing us with its living light, and I heard the thunderous echo of the Primal Voice commanding a new thing in the annals of heavenly history. The voice came from the mouth of the Ancient of Days, before whose face the formless void of earth’s dark moments fled, 75 and a New Creation began to be formed.

The explosive intrusion from each God-particle of living light shattered the empty, prideful illusions of earthly knowledge. I was immediately aware that I was witnessing a second creation, parallel to that seen in the lower rainbow, but greater, much greater. As I watched—and I know that I speak for Joshua as well—I could see through spiritual eyes the waves of light from the Creator’s face turn into particles as they combined and congealed with each other, forming new types of matter that grew and multiplied in order to fill all things in the voids of space. 76

I saw how these creative particles had been the building blocks of the lower creation as well, but that they had become dysfunctional, locked for a season in a painful, unharmonious state. Though He always possessed the key that would end His pain, He saw a greater good lying beyond the bounds of time and was willing to endure it for the sake of this new creation. The fire in His bones was worth the price that it took to bring forth experienced sons who could understand Him and truly be one with Him.

There is a certain divine comfort in having fellowship with those who have been through similar painful experiences. We are drawn to such people, for they are kin to us. We share an understanding of each other that needs no words. Even distance is no separation. We are forever friends. This I heard from the violet voice of the second rainbow, charged with dawning a new day, an event unprecedented from the fertile mind of a changeless Creator. The violet dawn raised its hand of revelation, and infinite possibilities radiated from each fingertip.

Then the blue light reached forth his hands and plunged us into its watery depths, engulfing us in its refreshing truth. Its voice spoke the word 77 and filled us with waves of divine nature. In a moment we understood the manner in which His laws apply both in heaven and in earth. Understanding reunited the upper and lower waters and were no longer separated by a barrier.

Then the green light, eager to welcome us, took us from the arms of blue to the realm of promise, 78 where all potential is gathered, awaiting its turn to step forward at the proper moment in a predetermined order. All promise is a seed that awaits its appointed time for germination. Without it, there is no hope for the future and no encouragement for the weary.

The green Voice then passed us on to its yellow companion, where we heard the prophecy 79 of the ages, the divine plan written in the very stars of heaven, each one carefully named by its Creator. We saw the panorama of the history of heaven and earth and the cycles of time repeating as fractals in countless stories of individual men and woman, each in their own way. The yellow Voice proclaimed the name of the God of the Ages, the Lord of Time, the King of Seasons ruling Labor and Sabbath, the omniscient alpha and omega from whom no event, however large or small, is hidden or lost.

The prophetic Voice of the yellow light then passed us on to the orange light, who took us in its arms to the throne of the Creator. The court was in session, and all oaths 80 were recorded in this court of law. “Here,” whispered the orange Voice, “is where all oaths are fulfilled, for no liar can stand in the presence of such glory.”

“What man among all living creatures on earth can swear an oath in this court,” I asked. “There is no one righteous, not even one. No one has kept his oath or fulfilled his obligation.” 81

“The Creator of All has sworn by Himself that every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess allegiance to Him. 82 Though most men on earth do not believe He is able to accomplish this—for they believe that man’s will is stronger than the Creator’s will—even their unbelief will fail. A few earthlings have drawn near to the point of faith in His oath, but most are hindered by their unfettered faith in their own oaths of obedience. They remain in the realm of the lower rainbow—the covenant of men—and are unable to rise to the level of the higher rainbow—the covenant of the Creator. You are one of the few who are privileged to know the difference, for the Voice from the crack has apprehended your heart.”

With that, the orange voice lifted up both of us into the arms of the red Voice. “I am the Voice of thesecond Covenant,” 83 the arnion heard Him say. “It is not like the first covenant that they broke. The New Covenant is My responsibility alone to fulfill, for this is the only guarantee of success. If any portion of the first covenant had remained in effect, no flesh would be saved, and the entire purpose of creation would fail.”

The red Voice continued, “I will put My laws into their minds and will write them upon their hearts. I will be their God, and they will be My people.” 84

“But,” I asked, “how can these people enter into Your covenant when they do not even know what it is? Most of them believe that it means You have agreed to help them fulfill their own vow. They define the New Covenant as Your promise to help them fulfill their own vow.”

“My Spirit will indeed assist them,” the Voice continued, “but if their salvation is based upon the success of this method, then they can never know for sure that they will be saved as long as they are still being perfected. At what point in their development can they rest assured that they are good enough to be saved? If they are honest, they will soon be driven to despair. If they fail to know themselves, they will be content in their imperfection. Such faith is misplaced, for their faith is in themselves, not in the Creator and His promise.”

“I believe You,” I responded. “Thank-you for the revelation of this covenant. When I was a child, I was full of despair, for even though I sensed your presence, I continued to fail each day. It seemed as if Your assistance was always insufficient, but I blamed myself and was full of self-condemnation. Now I see with new eyes. I still have no faith in myself, but I have seen the Creator’s power and believe that He is able to do all that He has spoken by His revelation, His word, His promise, His prophecy, His oath, and His covenant.”

“This is true humility, Anava, My son.” said the Voice. “You now know the original purpose for creation and have passed the final test of faith necessary to enter My rest that is within the final color of the second rainbow.” With that, He gently passed us up to the waiting arms of the purple Voice, the place of perfect agreement.

I felt a strange release, a clarity of unified purpose, as if I were engulfed in stillness and awareness of all things. Agreement is a position of divine rest, by which we must live and move and have our being. It is the Great Sabbath of the seventh color. 85 It is the only position from which we may exercise the Dominion Mandate, the great command given to the first man at the beginning.

I felt the vibration of pure love, unadulterated, much different from my past experience. I had known love for a long time in its various levels, but only when I was finally clothed in the purple light did I experience the Creator’s Dominion Love. Omnipotent, this Love is secure and confident in its ability to draw us by example, rather than to push us by force. It has no rival, no enemy, no adversary, for no disagreement can stand in its presence.

Being in agreement with the Voice of Love, the ultimate double witness of heaven and earth, expressed by God and man, all things are possible, and all things will be restored.

The revelation of the two covenants was complete. It was time to descend to the realm of imperfection, for there was much work yet to be done. The word had to be made flesh. 86 The message had to be proclaimed by the messenger, so that the hearts of others could be provoked and stirred to rise to the same place that I had witnessed.

As the balloon descended quickly back to the earth, I knew that Joshua and I had been knitted together as one, united by our badge of honor, with a single purpose. A great work lay ahead, a great commission to open blind eyes, to pour balm upon wounded souls, to speak peace to maddened minds and warring hands, to overthrow the realms of unjust rule, and to train their replacements in the ways of justice, mercy, humility, and grace.


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