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Light From the Crack

A man named Anava discovers a light in a cave that he is exploring, and has an encounter with the Creator. The revelation he receives sends him on a mission to bring light to others. This is a novel designed to teach biblical principles.

Category - Biblical Novels

Chapter 10

Deeper Explanations

As we walked away, a young man ran out from the Town Hall, calling out to us: “Wait, please, I need to ask you a question!”

We stopped and turned around as he caught up with us. “What you said in there,” he said excitedly, “was awesome and life-changing. I want to know more. I am only one of many who had vowed to follow the Creator, and this is indeed the desire of my heart. My question is this: Has my desire not pleased Him? Has my attempt to follow Him been a wasted effort?”

“Your desire is good and well pleasing to the Creator,” I responded, “but it can never bring you to perfection, because you—as with all of us—were begotten by natural seed from Earthyman. We were all condemned to death through our forefather, and our mortality is the cause of our failure. When the natural man decides to do what is right, his ability is limited, for it is written that death passed into all men on which they sin. 141 One cannot achieve righteousness by one’s determination to do so, regardless of one’s sincerity.”

 “So,” he asked again, “should I not have made such a decision?”

“Young man,” I answered, “you did well in making that decision, for if no one did so, anarchy would reign, and no amount of law enforcement would be able to make life reasonably good on earth. My point is that our decisions to do good are beneficial, and such people may even achieve high degrees of righteousness by the standards of men, but that all men still fall short of the glory of the Creator. There is a greater plan.”

He pondered my words as I paused before continuing, “The Creator has a greater standard than most men realize, and He also has planned a way to make us fully into His image. Our vows allow us to reach various heights of goodness, but only the Creator’s vow can bring us to perfection. Furthermore, if the vows of men were to determine the plan for creation, only a few would even come close to achieving their goal. But because the success of the plan rests upon the Creator’s vow, it will succeed in saving all of mankind—and, indeed, it will reconcile the entire creation back to the Creator.” 142

Joshua spoke up at that point, adding, “The Creator’s plan is not to perfect the descendants of Earthyman, but to start over with new creations that are begotten personally by the Creator Himself. That which is begotten by men is under the curse of Earthyman; that which is begotten by the Creator carries no curse, but is blessed.”

By this time about a dozen men had joined us, being interested in learning more. So I raised my voice slightly to allow them to hear me. “Did you receive the seed of Elyon in your ear today?” I asked the young man.

“Yes, I certainly did,” the young man replied.

“The Creator begets children through their ears,” I explained, “for there is an ear in the midst of every heart. It is by hearing His word that true faith is seen. Faith is being receptive to the seed of Elyon, allowing that seed to beget a new creature within you. You are now pregnant, as it were, and will have to think of yourself as a mother of the Creator’s son. As it is with all children, this son has two parents: the Creator and you. By this the Creator is able to become flesh, and you are able to become spirit.”

“I have never heard such things,” said the young man with a look of shock and surprise. “Why has no wise man of the Town Council told me of these things?”

“It is because they did not know the distinction between the two covenants,” Joshua interjected. “This truth is written in their own books, but it was forgotten long ago. Our mortal souls cannot comprehend the things of the spirit, 143 and when men ceased to be led by the Creator’s Spirit, they gradually reverted back to the first covenant while thinking they were still under the new.”

“This is radical,” said the young man.

“Yes, it is,” Joshua replied. “It is a radical truth that the natural man is incapable of achieving that which the Creator has planned for him. It has been taught that the natural men can come into the Creator’s image by obtaining help from the Spirit of the Creator. It has been taught that if the children of Earthyman vow obedience, they will receive divine assistance until they are restored to His image. But that is not so.”

“No,” I interrupted, “because the natural man has already been sentenced to death, and the soul that sins must die. 144 There is a new way that has been hidden in ages past, but only now is being made clear. The Creator must beget a new creature within you, and you are then able to claim that new creature as the real you. This is written in the law, though few have understood it.”

“What does the law say?” he asked with interest, and the others who had gathered to hear the conversation remained quietly intent.

I replied, “Inheritance, along with one’s family identification, follows the father. 145 For this reason, when a man marries a woman, the woman takes to herself the name of her husband and joins his family. Biologically speaking, she is from her original family, but legally speaking, she has changed her identity to that of her husband. This is a legal matter, not biological.”

They all agreed, nodding their heads.

“So it is also with you, for you have become part of the company known as the Creator's Wife. When the seed of Elyon impregnated you through your ears, you became the mother of this new creature. He put His name on your forehead. You took on His family name and, legally speaking, you are now no longer identified with the family of Earthyman. Though your natural, mortal body will always be a biological descendant of Earthyman, the law now recognizes you as part of the Creator’s family. You have a new name!” 146

“Death is passed down through the male seed beginning with Earthyman himself,” I explained. “Likewise, Life is passed down through the spiritual seed of Elyon, and the woman, though mortal biologically, is able to carry an immortal child, because she is now married to the Creator and is therefore called by His name.”

“That is amazing!” said the young man, and others listening nodded to each other with amazement. “We all knew of these laws, for they have applied to us in the natural realm since the beginning, but we were never taught that the law was spiritual.” 147

“Well, that is the revelation that we have received,” I said humbly. “This new creature that now resides in you carries the life of His Father, the immortal Creator. No death from Earthyman has been passed down to him, due to these provisions in the law. You must now learn to walk in a new path. 148 The first step is to know that this new creature is the real you. He is what you are becoming. He is your next generation, but he is also YOU. Believe and know your true identity, and begin to live and move and have your being in this new creature.”

“But how does this work,” the young man asked. “How can I do this? I have never done this before, and I do not know anyone else who can show me what to do.”

Joseph then spoke up for the first time. “Follow the inner voice of this new man. Deny the outer man any authority or influence in your life. The outer man has always concerned himself with the knowledge of good and evil in order to regulate his behavior and deny his natural, selfish desire for the sake of maintaining order in society. But the inner man does good naturally because of the life that is in him. If you follow the inner man, you will succeed in doing all that the outer man has tried to do—and failed on account of his inherent mortality. The inner man succeeds, while the outer man can achieve only partial success before his ultimate failure.”

He continued, “It will take time to learn how to distinguish between the two voices which compete for your attention. In practice, we all revert back to the old Earthyman identity that we knew from our natural birth, for we are used to it. But if you know the laws of identity, you will be able to gain greater awareness, and in time you will recognize the two voices more easily.”

“Can we recognize them by what they say?” he asked.

“Yes, you can,” he responded. “The natural man tells you to violate the divine law, because the flesh serves the law of sin. 149 Sin is the violation of law. 150 The spiritual man within you serves the law of the Creator by nature, and so it will never lead you to despise the law or to violate it in any way. These two men are at war with one another. 151 If you learn the Creator’s laws, you will be able to distinguish between the voices by what they tell you to do.”

“That is good advice” the young man said, and the others nodded in agreement. “We must talk further about this at a later time, but this much is sufficient to put us on the right path. Thank-you very much for sharing the revelation that the Creator has given you.”

“We have one more meeting tomorrow,” Joseph said. “I have much to share from the revelation that I have been given. I hope that you will be able to come and hear more truth.”

They all nodded in agreement, indicating that they did not intend to miss this opportunity to learn new and greater truth than they had known in the past.


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