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Lessons From Church History Volume 1

Volume 1. This gives a short history of the Church from the apostles to the Roman War, including Luke’s account of Paul’s journeys in the book of Acts. It includes Paul’s fourth missionary journey to Spain and Britain.

Category - Long Book

Appendix 2

The Lineage of Caradoc

Beli the Great (100 B.C.)


Llyr, or Lear (10 A.D.)

Bran the Blessed (first Christian convert of the royal family)

Caradoc, or Caractacus

Cyllinus (along with Linus, Claudia, and Eurgain)

Coel (120 A.D.)

Lucius (who proclaimed Britain a Christian nation in 165 A.D.)

Gladys (daughter), who marries Cadvan, Prince of Cambria

Strada the Fair (daughter), who marries Coel, king of Colchester (232)

Helen (daughter), who marries Roman general, Constantius (242-306)

Constantine (265-336 A.D.)