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Blog Category - Prayer Campaigns

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The Death of a Pope

On April 2, 2005 Pope John Paul II died. His death occurred precisely 3 x 414 days after the beginning of a prayer campaign in 2001. Toward the end of October, 2001 the Father ……

Elijah Prayer Report #2

It looks like the stock market lost its steam yesterday. After rising another 400 points, it dropped back down and ended lower for the day. While we may see some days where it ris……

Elijah Prayer Report #1

It appears that the "Elijah Prayer" is having an effect upon the stock markets, as the Dow went up over 900 points yesterday, probably the biggest one-day rise in history. Can it ……

The Elijah Prayer--Oct. 13-20

I am back on the road again, currently in Atlanta on my way to Florida. I will be away from the office for nearly 3 weeks. I should have some time to do web logs and even to answe……

The Jubilee Prayer Campaign

When I first began to hear the Lord's voice in June of 1982, one of the first things revealed to me was that I was on a 12-year training mission. The Lord likened it to Joseph's t……

Bear One Another's Burdens Prayer Campaign

God has called the New Gideon's Army to help bear the burden of intercession with those who have been called to intercede that the Gospel of the Kingdom might be preached to the w……

The Prayer-Decree for God is Able Prayer Campaign

Father, I have heard your voice, and so I approach you under the blood of Jesus and in His name. I declare that I forgive all who have trespassed against me and release their sins.……

Instructions and Final Explanations for the GOD IS ABLE Prayer Campaign

This prayer campaign is open to all. If you are hearing about this any time after today's date, you may participate by simply reading the prayer and making it your prayer before Go……

Showing 141-148 of -1 results

Didn't find what you were looking for? Try searching our site using DuckDuckGo