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Wars of the Lord

This 255-page book gives 50 chapters of spiritual warfare experienced by Dr. Stephen Jones from 1981-2008.

Category - Long Book

Chapter 49

2008: The Saul Church Disagrees

The Third Church was actually brought in by the first witness on November 30, 2000, but all things need a double witness to confirm and ”establish” matters in the earth. Hence, the Third Church received its confirming word seven years later on November 30, 2007 in Little Rock.

An interesting sign of this then took place two months later on Feb. 9, 2008, bringing closure to a situation that occurred many years ago on Feb. 9, 1986. We were living in Batesville, Arkansas at the time and I was teaching in an independent church there. The pastor and I were good friends and in many ways he was a father to me.

The bottom line is that the pastor became a type of Saul, and some of us felt we had little choice but to leave as the result of a meeting held on Feb. 9, 1986. The issue was whether or not we should be in submission to men, rather than to God.

The pastor in question died on Feb. 9, 2008, precisely 22 years later. It was also the 40th day of the year.

In the story of King Saul, I showed in Secrets of Time that King Saul was disqualified in his 18th year in the war with King Agag of the Amalekites. (The event took place 414 years after God's curse upon the Amalekites in Exodus 17:14-16.) Samuel told Saul in 1 Samuel 15:23,

23 . . . Because you have rejected the word of the Lord, He has also rejected you from being king.

Saul was supposed to bring judgment upon Agag, because the king was the embodiment (or representative) of the divine curse in Exodus 17. Saul spared Agag, but a judge can only set a sinner free if he is willing to pay the penalty himself. Thus, Saul took upon himself the curse that had been laid upon Agag and Amalek in general. In doing so, he put the monarchy on Cursed Time, and many years later, this judgment came due in the days of Jehoiachin, as I have written elsewhere.

A secondary cycle of time was occurring at the same time, not with Amalek but with Israel. This cycle had begun two years after Amalek had attacked Israel in Exodus 17. When Israel refused to enter the Promised Land when they were called to do so, they ended up going in 38 years late. This put Israel on Judged Time, which is LATE OBEDIENCE, characterized by a period of 434 years.

These two cycles of judgment came due in the days of Saul. In his 18th year, Amalek's 414-year Cursed Time cycle came due, and God called Saul to execute divine judgment upon Amalek at that time. When he refused to execute King Agag, Saul took upon himself Agag's curse and probably would have died immediately or shortly afterward (in Agag's stead).

However, Samuel executed Agag, and this reduced Saul's liability from Cursed Time (414) to Judged Time (434) for LATE OBEDIENCE. The result was that Saul was given another 22 years, and he died in his 40th year precisely 434 years after Israel had refused to enter the Promised Land in Numbers 13. In other words, Israel's late obedience cycle ended with the death of King Saul, who also was charged with late obedience in the matter of King Agag.

So here is how this correlates with the pastor in Batesville, Arkansas . . . . In 1986 he became a type of King Saul. We had interceded for him for months leading up to February 9, 1986. The bottom line was that, like Saul, he was given another 22 years to February 9, 2008, and he died on the 40th day of the year--even as Saul had died in his 40th year.

Overall, this shows us that back in 1985-86, the Saul Church was disqualified from ruling in the Tabernacles Age to come. However, the full closure on this disqualification in a sense did not come until Feb. 9, 2008 shortly after the confirmation of the Third Church was spoken. From this point on, the matter was fully settled.

However, the Church systems under Pentecost still do not get it, nor is it likely that they will believe it or agree with God any time soon. They still think that they are called to be “king,” on the grounds that they were crowned back in 33 A.D. It is no different with Judaism, which even today lays claim to the throne on the authority of Moses. It seems that few people realize that one can lose a calling by usurping authority and by lawless behavior. This has now happened to both the first and second churches.

Of course, we recognize that God was not taken by surprise by either disqualification. In fact, it was built into the plan. The Old Covenant under Moses had to be broken in order to replace it with the New Covenant. And Pentecost had to fail in order to fulfill the type of Saul, the Pentecostal. Saul was meant to fail, because he was of the tribe of Benjamin (1 Sam. 9:1), whereas the calling to rule was actually given to Judah (Gen. 49:10).

But these are things that neither group understands. Regardless of this, God's plan will come to fruition, and He will have no tyrants ruling His Kingdom in the Tabernacles Age to come. The age of lawlessness and usurpation is over. Antichrist will not rule any longer. God has called a few from every generation and has trained them for the Age to come. These will fulfill the feast of Tabernacles and will be manifested as the Sons of God. That will be God's final stamp of approval upon them, and it will be apparent to all, whether they approve of it or not.

Our meetings on November 28-30, 2007 were designed to lay foundations for a conference at the same church in North Little Rock over the week end of March 7-9, 2008. I had the insight that as soon as this conference was completed, we would enter a time of spiritual warfare from March 10-29.

We left Little Rock on March 10, only to receive a call from my sons at home, telling me that someone had broken into our house early that morning. When we arrived home, we discovered that my car (Pacifica) had been stolen from the garage. Other items taken were some keepsake wedding rings that Darla's mother had just given her, along with a pearl necklace that her brother had given her in 1971.

In praying about where this attack was coming from, the Lord told us that it was from the Church system itself. The Church had objected to its being replaced by the overcomers, and after exhausting all appeals before the Divine Court, they had simply attacked us. Ok, so what's new? Is that not always the way it works when you deal with a rebellious heart? They do not only disagree with the overcomers, but they also disagree with God Himself and will not comply willingly with the decisions of the Divine Court.

So the pearls were stolen, because the Church wants to be the Pearl of Great Price. And the wedding rings were stolen, because they believe themselves to be the true Bride of Christ. (Actually, they are a Hagar bride in bondage to the Church system, and can only produce an “Ishmael.” The overcomers are the Sarah bride that brings forth the Manchild, “Isaac.”)

The Pacifica was stolen, because the name is from pacific, which means “peaceful, tranquil.” It comes from the Latin word pax, “peace.” And so, taking the Pacifica was the major sign of war, the removal of peace. We did not recover the Pacifica until the end of the warfare on March 29, when I was allowed to go to the impound lot and redeem it for 301 dollars.

The number 301 is interesting in itself, for it appears everywhere on the day Jesus was crucified to redeem the world. Calvary is from the Greek word kranion, whose numeric value is 301. He was the Lamb of God. “Lambs” in Hebrew has a numeric value of 301. The lunar eclipse that day began precisely at 3:01 p.m. when He died. The Greek word for moon is selene (301).

And so we redeemed our Pacifica for $301 and re-established peace.