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The Biblical Meaning of Numbers

This is the compliment/companion to the book titled "The Genesis Book of Psalms". This came as a result of the study done in the above mentioned book after realizing that there needed to be more work done on this subject. Enjoy!

Category - Long Book

Chapter 1

The Hebrew Letters as Numbers and Word Pictures

This book is a companion to
The Genesis Book of Psalms,
because the psalm number helps to convey
the meaning of the number itself.

Note : The Hebrew language uses their letters as numbers, and the letters are also words and concepts that can be used either literally or symbolically.

1: Aleph (an ox or bull = strength, primacy, leader)

2: Beth (a tent, house, in, into = household, family)

3: Gimel (a camel = to be lifted up, pride)

4: Daleth (a door = opening, entry, pathway)

5: Hey (a window = behold, the, to reveal, inspiration, what comes from)

6: Vav (a nail, hook, and = to fasten, join together, secure, add)

7: Zayin (a weapon = cut, cut off)

8: Chet (fence, enclosure = inner room; heart; private; separate)

9: Teth (snake, serpent = surround)

10: Yod (hand that is closed, deed, work, to make)

20: Kaf (palm, open hand = cover or give, open, allow)

30: Lamed (goad, staff = authority, control)

40: Mem (water, what flows down = immensity, or chaos)

50: Noon (fish darting or swarming = life, activity)

60: Samech (prop, support, twist or turn slowly)

70: Ayin (an eye = to know, see, look, manifest, make visible)

80: Pey (mouth = to speak, a word, open)

90: Tsadik (a fish hook = desire, need, catch, that which has control)

100: Koof (back of the head = behind, last, least, what follows)

200: Resh (head, leader, person, skull)

300: Sheen (teeth = to consume, devour, destroy)

400: Tav (sign, signature, mark, a cross = to seal, to covenant)