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Power of the Flame

Samson's ministry as a judge was both colorful and tragic. This novel will teach you much about the religion of the Philistines and how their beliefs intertwined with the story of Samson. This novel covers the last 20 years of the Philistine captivity.

Category - Biblical Novels

Chapter 20

Cleansing Azzah

We all dismounted as we drew near to the oak tree. No bones remained from the dead lion. The bees, too, were long gone. But the grass was tall and luxurious, and the tree remained thick and strong.

I removed my sandals and threw my Indie hat to the ground outside of the sacred perimeter. Pausing for a moment, I said, “This is sacred ground that has been set aside for the cleansing of all who would enter the Creator’s Sanctuary.”

“I will remain outside,” Azzah said with her head humbly bowed.

“No,” I replied, “we were brought here for your cleansing. You have been healed of all the hurts of the past and have been set free from the python’s spell. You have been forgiven of all sin, and you are a new creation. This courtroom has been established for you and all who are like you—all who desire a life of reconciliation with your heavenly Father. You are His daughter, and even before you were born, He has longed to bring you here into His presence.

Sipporah then took her by the hand. “Come with me,” she said to Azzah. “Do not be afraid. Love awaits you.” The two women stepped through the fiery sword held by the hand of the Power of the Flame into the invisible circle. We all followed them into a great Hall of Justice, whose expanse could not be comprehended, a dimension without walls, covered only by bright stars inset as jewels in a deep, black void.

“Welcome, My children,” came a rich, vibrant Voice. “Come near, that I may be known to you.”

Obediently, we stepped across the sapphire pavement—or rather, a sea of soft, blue glass—to draw closer to the great throne before us and the figure of Light that sat upon it. 98 Pegasus and Pleiades stepped forward and took their places on either side of the throne, where they turned to face us.

“Anava and Sipporah,” the Voice said, “your mission is nearing completion, and you have done well.”

“My great lions,” the Voice continued, “your dominion is being restored. You have suffered long on account of the sins of My people. The time has come for you to be set free once again. I restore to you all authority over the serpent.”

“Azzah, My child,” the Voice said with great compassion, “you have been enslaved long enough under the spell of the python and the deception of Atargatis. You know the power of evil; I now show you the power of love. You were once weak while you sought to weaken others, but now your strength will strengthen others. Your old self was a harlot, but your new self is a virgin bride.” 99

As the Voice spoke, Azzah was suddenly clothed in brilliant white garments with a golden sash around her waist. A hand descended from the night sky and wrote with one finger the ancient sign of the tav upon her forehead, the great X, the signature of God. 100

“Restoration now begins,” the voice concluded. “Finish My work, and share in My glory, for I have put your enemies under your feet. 101 Provision has been made for all to find Me.”

An arm of light then pointed to one side, where Eglah appeared in a transformed body. In a clear, rich voice, she sang this song:

My soul was troubled on every side.

The peace of God was not my guide.

Gripped by doubt, shadowed by fear,

Temples held no comfort, no god shed a tear.

The gods boasted of power so great,

But their love was cursed and tinged with hate;

But wings of grace brushed past my face,

A gentle breeze, as soft as lace,

Blessing with truth, revealing true love,

The breath of God sent life from above.

I found peace in the valley, rest on the mountain,

Life from the heavens, cleansing at the fountain.

Now I watch from a lonely oak,

For hearts of poor and lowly folk

Who seek the path and find the gate

Into a new and heavenly estate.

When seekers find my hidden soul,

I touch their minds and make them whole.


“They may pass,” the Seraph says,

“The Tav has cleansed them of their ways.”

But those who do not yet see me

Will come again to bow the knee.

All must walk on dusty sod

Till all find rest in the Mount of God.

“Is this not a beautiful song?” the Voice asked. “Be comforted, for Eglah, My child, was destined from the beginning to be a type of Messiah in feminine form. The ashes of the red heifer must prophesy through her, for only by such holy ashes can men receive My mark upon their foreheads. When the Seraphim see this mark, they allow access to My city, My sanctuary, and My tree of life.”

Eglah then walked toward us and stood before Azzah. “Weep not for Samson, nor for me,” she said softly. “We all have our destinies to fulfill. The important thing is that you have come here with a pure heart to seek cleansing from all that your mortality has done to you in your time of ignorance and blindness. You are forgiven. The record of your sins has been erased forever from the books in heaven.”

Eglah then reached out and touched the tav on Azzah’s forehead with her forefinger, turning it into an ashen cross. Humbled and lost for words, she turned with grateful tears and stepped back through the veil into the natural world, and we followed.


  1. The sea of glass, on which the saints walk (in Revelation 15:2) is the blue sapphire pavement as well.
  2. Ephesians 5:27
  3. Ezekiel 9:4. The tav, “mark, sign, signature” originally was written as a cross, or an X.
  4. Psalm 8:6; 1 Corinthians 15:27