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Old and New Covenant Marriage

The divine law recognizes two kinds of marriage relationships. These are best illustrated by Hagar and Sarah, who were Abraham's wives. The Apostle Paul sets forth these two women in Gal. 4, saying that they represent the two (marriage) covenants. This book is no doubt the first of its kind in that it challenges many traditional views about marriage and sets forth the ideal marriage to be based upon the New Covenant. - Read for free below

Category - Short Book

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Old and New Covenant Marriage

By Dr. Stephen E. Jones

This booklet was a joint effort by Stephen and Darla Jones.
It reflects the principles that God has taught them over the years
as their marriage has progressed and deepened
since they were married in 1971.


We strongly recommend reading Hearing God’s Voice
for better understanding before reading this book.


Special thanks to Scott and Judy Reichard
for helping publish this book

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