Angels in the Book of Revelation

Angels in the Book of Revelation


Angel of Constraint (Rev. 9:1; 20:1)

Angel of Hastening Hope (Rev. 14:6)

Angel of Abundant Clarity of Love (Rev. 14:8)

Angel of Severance (Rev. 14:9)

Threshing Angel (Rev. 14:15)

Vintage Angel (Rev. 14:17)

Angel of Fire (Rev. 14:18)

The Redemption Angel (Rev. 16:1; 17:1)

The Cleansing Angel (Rev. 16:3)

The Appearing of Sons Angel (Rev. 16:4)

All Consuming Breath Angel (Rev. 16:8)

Overcoming Flesh Angel (Rev. 16:10)

Angel of Pure Influence (Rev. 16:12)

Angel of the approaching Fullness of God (Rev. 16:17)

Angel of Faith’s Righteousness (Rev. 18:1)

Releasing Captives Angel (Rev. 18:4)

Judging the Lawless Angel (Rev. 18:21)

Peace Angel (Rev. 19:17)