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Blog Category - Ministry News

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Personal news and a little world news

We are nearing the completion of a new book, Kingdom Vision—A Primer for Prophets. This was originally written in a series of blog posts about six months ago. It is designed to te……

No weblog today

I have another appointment this morning.

The work in Pakistan continues

Here we see Pastor Fiaz teaching the class about the number 28 in the series on the biblical meaning of numbers. Fiaz says, “This is Francisabad Bible Class. They have c……

Present yourself to the King

Here is a 54-minute, informal, in-house conversation between John Tyler and his son, Bradley about the current state of the world as it relates to the Melchizedek Vault. John make……

Ministry update

When the current prophetic year began last November 14, it was unclear whether the two 76-day cleansing cycles would end either on April 14 or 15. We could count it either way, wh……

Introducing His Majesty King Mswati III

I want to introduce to you King Mswati III of Eswatini. We already have a strong presence there and will be working with him closely in the time ahead. No doubt I will be talking ……

Livestream scheduled for Wednesday

We are planning for a livestream with Bradley and I on Wednesday. We plan to discuss what it means to be a citizen of the Kingdom in today’s world. It is being scheduled again ……

Pakistan ministry news update

The word is going forth in Pakistan. Pastor Fiaz says we have Bible study centers in different cities around the country now, as many pastors are using our translated books to tea……

Livestream postponed

When I got to the office this morning, there was no electricity, so we must postpone it for another time. I don't know if the snowstorm overnight had anything to do with it, bu……

Another Livestream this Saturday

We are planning another livestream on Saturday that will focus on the new banking system that is being established. The weblogs that I published yesterday and today provide some i……

Showing 1-10 of -1 results

Didn't find what you were looking for? Try searching our site using DuckDuckGo