Chapter 3: The Cleansing Angel

Chapter 3
The Cleansing Angel


Revelation 16:3 says,

3 And the second angel poured out his bowl into the sea, and it became blood like that of a dead man; and every living thing in the sea died.

Here divine judgment is directed against the “sea,” but this is no more literal than the “loathsome and malignant sore” caused by the first angel’s action. To destroy all life in the sea would virtually end all life on earth, but obviously, that is not in the divine plan.

Day 2: Psalm 29

In ancient times, the priests sang Psalm 29 as they poured out the water and wine on either side of the altar in the temple in Jerusalem on the second day of the feast of Tabernacles. Psalm 29:3, 4 says,

3 The voice of the Lord is upon the waters; the God of glory thunders, the Lord is over many waters. 4 The voice of the Lord is powerful, the voice of the Lord is majestic.

Psalm 29 speaks seven times of “the voice of the Lord,” also called “thunders.” The second bowl of wine therefore signified the voice of God speaking with power, shaking the wilderness (Psalm 29:8) and stripping the forests bare (Psalm 29:9). Deut. 20:19 and Judges 9:8 show us that the trees represent men. Dr. Bullinger says that stripping the forest bare means “layeth open to view.” In other words, the voice of God is uncovering sin in the church for all to see, because the church did not repent, but had covered its sin in order to perpetuate it.

For this reason, God sent the Cleansing Angel to speak with the voice of God, expose the sin for all to see, and thereby proclaim to all that the “Saul” church was disqualified to rule the Kingdom in the Age to come.

The Second Bowls Poured out in 2001

In October of 2001, we poured out the second bowls of water and wine into the “sea” (Lake Huron) at Port Austin, Michigan. At the time I explained the revelation that we had received that we were bearing witness to divine judgment upon the church, particularly the Roman Catholic Church (the “Holy See”). The “sea” in this case is the same sea that brought forth the beast from the sea in Rev. 13:1. I wrote of this in my book, The Wars of the Lord, chapter 34,

“Within a few weeks of pouring out this second bowl into Lake Huron, Superior Court Judge Constance Sweeney forced the Boston archdiocese to release the information in its files about John J. Geoghan. Cardinal Bernard Law was then forced to release the records, which showed that not only Geoghan but also another 90 priests had molested children in previous years. The Roman Church had covered up this information and in many cases simply transferred those offending priests to other places, where they were free to continue their perverted activities.

“Geoghan was convicted and sent to prison, and the big scandal began to be reported in many magazines and newspapers. The public relations damage on the Roman Church was enormous.”

In the aftermath of this public relations disaster, Newsweek magazine put a headline on the cover of its May 6, 2002 issue: “What Would Jesus Do? Beyond the Priest Scandal; Christianity at a Crossroads.” On page 26 the magazine wrote:

“The best guess is that between 35 and 50 percent of Roman Catholic priests are homosexual. ‘Hypocrisy is almost too weak a word for what the hierarchy is doing,’ says Mark D. Jordan, a professor of religion at Emory University and a gay Catholic. ‘If there were no homosexuals in the priesthood, we would soon cease to have a functioning church’.”

When the Cleansing Angel poured out the second bowl upon the sea, the church was affected, and the Roman Church most of all. It was a painful time, and many of the archdiocese were sued and were forced into bankruptcy. But worst of all, the church lost its moral right to stand against the homosexual agenda, paving the way for the Sodomization of the West. Church hypocrisy silenced it, and when the church did nothing to remove homosexual priests from their positions, the church tacitly came into agreement with the Babylonian moral viewpoint. Whatever “life” had been in the “Holy See” died.