Chapter 16: The Next World Order

Chapter 16
The Next World Order


The year 2016 is unique, because it is 70 years since the Bretton Woods Agreement was ratified and implemented (March 8-18, 1946). The Agreement was drawn up from July 1-22, 1944, toward the end of World War II, but it took time for the nations to ratify it, so it did not go into effect until 1946. This Agreement, based on the US dollar and the gold standard, became a major sign of modern economic Babylon, by which the US dollar has ruled the world for 70 years.

In fact, this is what set up what is called “The New World Order.” It is no longer “new,” and is, in fact, being replaced by the Next World Order, a transitional system brought to you by the kings from the east.

These 70 years began from 1944-1946 and are now ending from 2014-2016. The end of this 70-year cycle also coincides with the end of the “seven times” of divine judgment, when God took the Dominion Mandate from the king of Judah and gave it to Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon.

Overthrowing the US Dollar

There has been dissatisfaction for many years among the nations over the huge advantage that the US economy enjoyed on account of its world reserve currency status. The Vietnam war in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s brought great deficits in the US budget, resulting in overprinting US dollars, relative to its gold holdings.

This made many nations nervous. In 1971 France sent a warship to the New York harbor to collect $190 million worth of gold, rather than to accumulate more US dollars. President Nixon then closed the door on gold redemptions on August 15, 1971, so that the US dollar was no longer gold backed. People had to settle for dollars, rather than gold. Faith (in the dollar) replaced substance, or real value.

In other words, the Bretton Woods Agreement lasted only 25 years from 1946-1971. The Bretton Woods Agreement was gutted by the Vietnam war. The gold-backed dollar was then replaced by the petro-dollar in 1973 by an agreement with Saudi Arabia to sell all oil in US dollars only. By forcing oil-importing nations to use dollars to pay for oil, the US dollar remained the world reserve currency.

Another 45 years have now passed (2016), and in recent years the US government has used its domination of money to impose its will (hegemony) upon other nations. Those who would not comply were invaded or sanctioned. Much discontent has arisen because of this.

In 2010 the US government’s determination to retain control of its hegemonic empire caused China to decide to set up a separate world order. They planned for an alternative to the IMF, the SWIFT payment system, and the London Gold Exchange. US sanctions on Russia in 2014 brought Russia and China into a solid alliance to overthrow the US dollar as the world currency. The US government’s use of sanctions caused the kings from the east to rise up against Babylon.

Cracks in the Babylonian Wall

The uprising against Babylon began to be felt by the end of 2014, just as the “seven times” was ending. On July 22, 2014 we reached the 70-year anniversary of the Bretton Woods Agreement. The Shanghai Gold Exchange went live two months later on September 18, 2014.

The transfer of authority from Babylon to the saints of the Most High came into effect on the eighth day of Tabernacles, October 16, 2014. A week later, on October 24, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) was launched by China.

These recent developments occurred 70 years from the Bretton Woods Agreement from 1944-1946. These starting dates suggest that whatever started in 2014 ought to be completed by 2017.

One of the most important shifts occurred on March 12, 2015, when the UK announced its decision to join the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), after President Obama had urged them to boycott it. Other nations followed the UK’s lead within weeks, and when the AIIB officially opened on December 26, 2015, its founding membership was up to 30 nations. (The bank was fully launched on January 16, 2016.) By the time of its launch, its membership had increased to 57 members, representing 62% of the world’s economy, with another 27 expecting to ratify their membership by the end of 2016, when the AIIB member nations will represent 70% of the world’s economy.

The UK’s decision to join the AIIB was a startling rupture in the cohesiveness of Babylonian policy. The UK essentially switched sides and joined with the kings from the east. They did so again on June 23, 2016 when the UK decided to leave Europe. This was the so-called “Brexit.” All that remains (as of this writing) is for them to join the BRICS alliance for this to be complete. Babylon is falling apart.

China has also established an international payment system called CIPS, “China International Payment System,” which is an alternative to the SWIFT system that is controlled by the top Babylonian bankers in the West. The SWIFT system channels all international payments through the Federal Reserve, which gives it enormous power and allows it to lay economic sanctions on any nation it pleases. But with the CIPS in place, there is now an alternative payment system. The CIPS system thus removes an enormous weapon from the hands of Babylon.

Short History of World Currencies

These present changes are leading up to a truly historical moment that will change the course of world history. In the 1400’s first Portugal’s money and then Spain’s became accepted internationally as a world currency. But each fell in its turn and was replaced. Then in 1517 (the end of the Thyatira era and the start of Sardis in Scripture), the first Dutch guilder became internationally accepted as a world currency.

This lasted until the British began to rule the seas in the late 1700’s, and the British pound’s world currency status lasted until World War II. The demise of the British pound began in November of 1914 as soon as the Federal Reserve Banks were fully established. Prior to then, gold flowed from New York to London. In November 1914 gold began to flow from London to New York. This continued for 30 years until the US dollar officially replaced the pound as the world reserve currency.

With London largely destroyed by World War II, confidence in the pound plummeted. The United States came through World War II without any loss of infrastructure, and it had by far the most gold reserves. So the Bretton Woods Agreement made the US dollar the new reserve currency in 1944-1946. See the graph here.

That was 70 years ago. The time of the US dollar’s dominance is coming to a close, as more and more nations lose confidence in it, switching their allegiance to the new basket of currencies advocated by China and Russia. The IMF was forced to recognize China’s renminbi as one of the world currencies on December 30, 2015. It goes into effect in October 2016.

This is how Babylon is being overthrown by the kings from the east. Instead of declaring a war using their militaries, which they know would be very destructive to all, they have decided to overthrow the US dollar, which empowers the US military machine. The Babylonian hidden rulers know this, and this is why they have instructed the US government leaders to poke everyone in the eye and to fan flames in every hot spot of the world. They are trying to spark World War III in a vain attempt to maintain power.

China’s economic and financial policies are designed to elevate them to a position of prestige and power in the 21st century without a destructive war. It is a policy that suggests the pattern of the Medes and Persians when overthrowing Babylon without destroying the city.

James Davidson’s Analysis

James Davidson is a founding member and head of the National Taxpayers Union. In the late 1980’s everyone laughed at him when he predicted the collapse of the Soviet Union. But he was right. Now he openly talks about the replacement of the US dollar within the coming year (2016-2017). He says that China and Russia have a four-step plan:

1. Ignore the Bretton Woods Agreement and begin trading in their own currencies, rather than in US dollars. Because Nixon in 1971 had already decided to ignore Bretton Woods by abandoning the gold standard, the US could only complain hypocritically.

2. Create their own International Monetary Fund (IMF). They did so by creating the AIIB in 2015.

3. Create their own global currency (that is, a basket of currencies including the yuan).

4. Sell US dollars (bonds) and trigger the collapse of the US dollar.

The first two items on the list were completed in 2015. The third is to be completed by October 2016, and this clears the way for them to collapse the US dollar itself. This will cause the rest of the nations to lose confidence in the dollar, and they will then demand a new world currency—which is ready to be implemented by the AIIB.

Of course, there are always unforeseen problems and/or solutions that may surface at the same time. But this is his analysis, based on past experience. He says this collapse will be three times as bad as the 1929 crash, because back in 1929 the US dollar was still gold backed and was not the world reserve currency. Today the collapsing structure is far bigger. Trying to contemplate or plan for the un-reserving of the mammoth US dollar supply is difficult, because this event is unique in history.

I see these things in biblical terms, rather than in purely economic terms. To me, this is important because it is what is happening just as the seven times is expiring and Babylon is falling.

By studying Scripture, we are able to see how the New World Order is falling and is being replaced by the Next World Order. What world leaders fail to see is that even this will only be a transition into the New Kingdom Order. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit will take the world by surprise, but those who are watchful will help to facilitate this great change.