We have replaced the old search bar with a new search bar from DuckDuckGo. Using this search bar will take you off of GKM and onto DuckDuckGo's site to view the search results, but the results will only consist of content on this site, and when you click a result you will be brought back to GKM. If you don't find the result you are looking for, use the back button in your browser to get back to the page you were on.

When you use DuckDuckGo, there are also no ads in the search results, it does not track your searches, and your searches are private and anonymous. This new search box will also search the GKM Store for results, which the old search box didn't do.

DuckDuckGo allows you to use certain operators to refine your searches. You can view the list of operators and their usage on this page.

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