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Russian scientists discover how to transmute one element to another without nuclear reactions

This seems to be a discovery that ultimately will change the future of gold and money. Perhaps it will be the reason men will eventually cast their gold and silver into the…

The Solar System just got smaller

Scientists are baffled by a new invention that seems to defy the law of momentum.…

Dutch Power Plant

This appears to be an ingenious discovery and may be part of our future. It gives us an entirely new definition of a Power Plant.…

Three year old drummer prodigy leads the orchestra

This three year old is amazing.

Acoustic Levitation

It appears that Japanese scientists have discovered how to levitate objects by sound waves.…

Sophisticated video camera that can record light in slow motion

What if you could buy a sophisticated video camera that could record a trillion frames per second. Well, a team at MIT has done this. They can now record light in slow motion…

Is the Chinese hover car for real?

Here is an article that says it is a cool idea, but fake. CBS did a report on it also, saying that the idea is not so…

New technology may put Detroit's automakers out of business You don't have to understand Chinese to see that this new hover-car will soon take the world by storm. It is now available in China,…

To Believe, by Jackie Evancho A great prayer sung by a great artist.

Hawaiian art of Mental Healing

This sounds strangely like the biblical concept of Intercession.

The Christian Lion Video

Short as it is, you'll be glad you watched this. It's a picture of the Kingdom.

Water Powered Cars

The energy crisis could be resolved very quickly and easily, except that there are powerful and wealthy interests that want to keep selling their product--OIL--and they don't want…

Salt Water Fuel Can Power Engines

Here is another example of accidental genius from John Kanzius. I do hope that the oil companies don't buy him out like they have done with all the other inventions that do not…

Artistic Elephant Paints Self-Portrait

This incredible 8-minute video speaks for itself.

Lily Knows Her Geography

Lily is nearly two years old. My question is: Does she know where Norway is?

Genius: A Four-Fingered Concert Pianist

I simply had to share this with you. You'll be glad you watched it and will see how this Korean girl overcame tremendous handicaps.

Water Fuel Car

Here is a short video news report from Fox News featuring a man who has found a way to burn water for fuel. It is truly amazing. You'll enjoy it.…

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