Friendly Links

Friendly Links Page

Following is a list of web sites that are related to us in some way.

Stone Kingdom Ministries

This is the site of our long time friend James Bruggeman of Stone Kingdom Ministries. His site speaks for itself and we think you will find it a treasure of very good information in the form of books, tapes, videos and more. His most recent book "Sacred Secrets of the Sovereignty of God" will help many in gaining a clear perspective with regard to this subject. You will be blessed. Enjoy!

"Truth In Love" Garments

 This link will take you to the pages of our friends Mike and Kathy Winchell who provide the "Truth in Love" apparel. If you have been to any of our conferences then you have seen their work on display. It is top notch quality in every way. Have a look!

The Baritone Dave Dixon

This is the site of a friend of the Ministry, Dave Dixon, who has helped us for many years by leading the song ministry for our conferences. If you have not heard any of Dave's music you are in for a blessed experience. We know you will enjoy Dave and what he has to offer.

You can find more from Dave at his site Amen People found here

The Truth About God

The Truth About God is a daily devotional that is topical in nature and has an overall theme of the reconciliation of all things. It includes several quotes from you as well as many other church Fathers and some modern day writers along with my own input as well. It also has another online book available as well, with more to come. Thomas Kissinger bases his conclusions on the ages to come and off of the teachings of Dr. Jones on Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles.