About This Site

About This Site



The main purpose of this website is to reach out, and make available to the world, the revelations and teachings of Dr. Stephen Jones, as represented through his many books, audio recordings, video (coming soon), and daily weblogs. It also represents a collective voice of those who have been part of this work through the years, which has served to become part of the overall revelation, revealed through this ministry as a whole. This site is a next step in the direction of making these things known through the current technologies available on the internet. It will be ever-growing and ever-expanding.


As mentioned, this site is a next step, which implies there were previous steps. Each of those steps have had purpose in their time, and have had maximum impact during that time. The transition from the previous site to this site manifestation has been "trying," to say the least. Much of the reason for the time it has taken has been the result of the founding premise that it was absolutely critical to establish a web presence that was not proprietary in nature, and thus dependent on any one individual to continue. This meant that current technologies had to be investigated, and even experimented with to some degree, before making a final decision. In this instance, that trail involved the testing of well-known technologies such as Drupal, Joomla, and even WordPress. Each of which, at some point during the investigation, proved to be a potential problem in the future, given the plans for this site. It was at this time that we came across a fairly new platform, by the name of Concrete5. After spending time investigating and comparing, it was decided that this platform provided the most versatile and powerful technology available to not only take care of current needs, but also provide everything needed to accommodate all the needs of God's Kingdom Ministries, as it grows internationally in the years to come. This represented a lot of behind-the-scenes invisible work that just takes time.

The other issue that we encountered was that because the previous manifestation of the site was an extremely proprietary system, developed and maintained by one person, it took much time just to go into the existing site structure, code, and even thought process, many times, just to determine what was, what was intended, and what needed to be done to continue it. This was work that was being done concurrently with the other work being done, described in the previous paragraph, along with the same situation that existed with another site developed by the same party for the Burning Bush International Bible Institute, which followed the same exact process flow described above, paralleling at the same time.

The very good news is that, as you can see, we have finally come to a completion point with the main GKM website, for which we are thrilled. What this means now is that God's Kingdom Ministries' internet presence will no longer be hemmed in or hindered because of proprietary mindset and development, and will now be able to be further developed extensively, while maintenance shall be at an extreme minimum, and easily accomplished. We hope you enjoy the fruits of this labor, and that you are greatly helped by the awesome content provided through the mechanism of this new website.


As mentioned above, the platform is now established, the foundation is sure, and the tools are in place, to make available to God's Kingdom Ministries anything that is needed with regard to its presence on the internet, and thus its presence in the world. As the ministry grows to have more of an international presence, this platform will make it possible to build an intranet, extranet, or any other net that may be needed to accommodate the communication needs of everyone involved, as well as the daily users who seek to know more of the Kingdom of God.

As you use the site from this time forward, you will see changes, fairly constant, as we make adjustments, add new ways to deliver the content, and continue to stream-line what is available. We will endeavor, to the best of our ability, to keep you apprised of current activities, and projected future changes via the Site News vehicle, and other places. Our aim, again, is to make this experience as vast as possible, while at the same time as un-complicated as possible, from a user's perspective. We would like to ask you to help us in this matter by reporting via the form available here, to let us know if you encounter any broken links, any errors, any typos, etc. Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.


Of course, it is our earnest hope that this new website will be an extreme help to you. We're also hoping that for those of you that have been visiting Dr. Jones' websites for years, will also find a new and fresh experience that may even help to make fresh all of the awesome content that Dr. Jones makes freely available through his website.

Have fun, and God Bless!