About Our Logo

About Our Logo


The two doves on our logo are taken from Leviticus 14, where we find the laws concerning the cleansing of lepers. Leprosy in the Bible is a symbol of mortality, for this disease was looked upon as a slow death. For a full explanation of this concept, see our book, The Laws of the Second Coming.

It took two doves to fully cleanse a leper. The first dove was killed in an earthen vessel over running water. The priest then took the blood and water and sprinkled the leper that had been healed. This was to apply the blood of the dove to the leper. The second dove was dipped in the blood of the first dove and released in the open field.

Both doves represent Christ, who alone brings us into immortality. The first dove represents Christ in His first coming, for He came to die. His blood is applied to mortals ("lepers") in order to bring us into immortality. The second dove, which was dipped in the blood of the first dove, represents Christ in His second coming. For this reason, Rev. 19:13 says (NASB), "And He is clothed with a robe dipped in blood." The wording of this verse depicts Christ coming as the second dove being released in the "open field." We know from Matt. 13:38 that the field is the world. Thus, Christ is released into the world. 

The logo therefore portrays the first dove on a red background to signify blood and death. It is also positioned in the lower part of the shield. The second dove, having a red streak on its breast (having its vesture dipped in blood), is portrayed on a blue background to signify the sky. It is therefore being released into the open field.

The gold banner that connects the two halves of the shield signifies divine character, for God is refining His people as pure gold. The motto: "Truth in Love" is taken from Eph. 4:15. Truth can only be spoken in love when it comes from the character of Christ (gold).

It takes two doves to bring us fully into the experience of the feast of Tabernacles, where we leave this present body ("tabernacle") and dwell in an immortal body ("tabernacle"). The first dove laid the foundation for immortality, but it takes the second dove to bring this hope to fruition.